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Interested in showing your audience how to



with speaking, or advance their
career as a


Keynote #1: Make HER voice visible in the workplace

Many women are awesome and amazing at what they do but struggle to verbalize their value, communicate with confidence, or present their ideas/suggestions in a clear, concise and compelling way. 

As a result,  many qualified women are overlooked for promotions, silent when they want to speak up, or worse, not taken seriously by their male counterparts because they lack effective public and professional communication skills. 

This powerful presentation turns up the volume on the voices of aspiring and current women in leadership positions. At the end of this talk, women in the workplace will learn how to leverage communication as a competitive advantage to excel in their career. 

More specifically they will learn: 

S: How to speak with confidence before you say a word.  


T: How to be aware and transparent about sabotaging self-talk and replace it with superior self talk. 


A: How to be more assertive and less appreciative in their current position. 


N: How to establish and communicate “Non-Negotiables” to prevent burnout and resentment in the workplace. 

D: How to delete weak words and replace them with wealthy words when communicating with colleagues and co-workers or speaking at internal/external events.

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Keynote #2:
Transform average events into EPIC experiences

Want to ensure your next event is mind-blowing and NOT boring?

The solution is to curate an event that keeps attendees top of mind! 

It's easy to get overwhelmed with logistics, food and beverage minimums as well as vendor management, however if you want your attendees to rave, return, build relevant relationships and refer others to attend, you must ensure participants are top priority in the planning process. 


This powerful keynote presentation is designed to equip event/ meeting planners with the necessary tools to uplevel the event planning process by making attendees the central focus.


After this presentation event planners and suppliers will master the following:

S: How to select the right Speakers so audience members rave and return to each event, association conference or convention.

M: Why must you “Move the Crowd” by providing a layered learning experience so audience members experience your event with all 5 of their senses.

I: Techniques and strategies to Interact and Involve with virtual and or in-person participants with audience activation activities that drive home the main message of the speakers or sponsor with ease and excellence.


L: How to incorporate Luxury Language and NOT Discount Dialect when marketing events that increase registration AND relationship revenue.


E: Why partnering with an Engaging Emcee is your insurance policy to ensure your event is super successful in the event your event goes from calm to chaotic in a matter of seconds.


S: How and why you must “Stay in touch” after events to build community, sustain engagement, and retain audiences for future events.


Keynote #3: Turn Conversations into Association Members 

Many associations are struggling to attract new members and retain loyal ones. As a result, there is a member reduction in professional development programs, networking activities and annual convention attendance. 


This thought-provoking presentation is designed to provide tips, tools, techniques, and strategies on how all association members including members, membership coordinators, and Association Executives can play an intentional part in membership recruitment and retention. 


Association members will  learn:

V:  How to Verbalize the Value of membership by retiring the association's ancient Elevator Pitch


O: How to Outline the benefits of association membership in a way that's clear, concise, and compelling. 


I: The importance of Inviting and Interacting with potential members BEFORE making the ask to join. 


C: Connect & Collaborate with current members for retention and recruitment

E:  How to share  Examples of diverse members excelling, shining, and thriving as a result of membership in your association.

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Quinn also leads dynamic corporate trainings, workshops and breakout sessions on the following topics:

  • Public Speaking for Professionals: How leaders can become compelling communicators to excel in their career 


  • Public Speaking & Pitching for Business Owners 

  • Leading with your Voice 

  • Speaking as a Strategy for Business Growth 

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Her first book is Speak Up: The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry.


Her second book, Speak Black Woman: How Women in Business can Profit from Public Speaking can be purchased online at Barnes and Nobles, Target and Amazon. 

Quinn's Satisfied Keynote Clients Include

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What Other Companies and Organizations are Saying After Experiencing Quinn as a

Keynote Speaker

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Bunny R Lee

Quinn came highly recommended to me, and I am happy to say she not only lived up to the hype but she blew us away!


It’s been about a week since our event with Quinn as our keynote speaker and the industry is still buzzing about what a great program we put together - total win all around. Quinn was a joy to work with, down to earth, extremely responsive, flexible with the ebbs and flows of event planning, and she did it all while looking fabulous. I had a great feeling on our initial zoom call that she was going to be perfect, but being in-person was on another level creating an engaging, informative, empowering program with the perfect amount of humor. I recommend Quinn hands down for any workshop or program and can’t wait to see her journey as an incredible woman entrepreneur-extraordinaire!

Dillin R.,

Director of Event Marketing Ateema Media, Director of Educational Content & Speaker Recruitment, Meeting Professionals International Chicago Area Chapter 

I had the opportunity to hear Quinn speak last week at the Meeting Professional International Chicago Chapter (MPI-CAC), Signature Luncheon. What a way to kick off a live program! Quinn definitely "Understood the Assignment".

As so many of us in the meetings, events, and hospitality industry have had to "pivot" our thoughts on what this industry would look like in the aftermath of covid, and economic disarray; finding a continued or new path can sometimes be difficult, and finding the right voice to reach the next level can be even harder. I appreciate Quinn taking the time to understand our industry, the difficulties that have been had over the past two years, and taking that information to deliver a thoughtful conversation on Unmuting and Finding your Voice. For me personally, and I heard several others in the audience say the conversation was right on time.

Quinn is a must-add to your next program. Her care to attention, professionalism, and thoughtful insight would make any program well attended. And don't let the 5-foot stance of this queen fool you, her voice and message is received by all.

Bunny R. L.,

Meeting Professional International Chicago Chapter

I was so blown away with Quinn’s ability to meet my attendees right where they were at! She was the best shot of expresso on the morning of Day 2! Every attendee who gave us feedback has Quinn as one of their top 3 sessions to attend. Hire Quinn if you want to sell your programs and create an incredible event experience!

Jordan Gill,


Ciara Walton.png

 Watching Quinn moderate and host the Power to Fly event today was amazing. Quinn has a unique way of actively listening to the speakers and creating an inclusive interactive space for the audience at the same time. That truly is an art and talent. As a participant, I could feel the energy and authenticity that Quinn brought to the conversation and how it created a space for the speakers to show up in each of their areas of expertise.

Ciara Walton,


Naomi Crellin.png

Quinn did an incredible job as an inspiring and authentic expert speaker, when she ran a workshop for the Storycraft Lab team. She spent an hour with us and shared tangible tools that our team can use as speakers and facilitators to become Captivating Communicators. Prior to the workshop, Quinn consulted to get a sense of the team's interests and our range of needs, and she was able to tailor a wonderful session that was valuable to everyone's professional development. Quinn did a brilliant job, I would highly recommend her - and I look forward to having Quinn return in the future!

Naomi Clare Crellin,

Founder & CEO of Storycraft Lab


I had the opportunity to book Quinn as a featured speaker for Linkedin Local Montgomery County, MD, a popular event supported by Linkedin worldwide that helps people get to know the persons behind the profiles. Quinn's presence is as powerful as her experience! Our sold-out event had participants on the edge of their seats hanging on Quinn's every word. Her topic was turning "Conversations into Cash" and she even gave an unrehearsed, impromptu "Shark Tank" type pitch upon the request of an audience member. She blew us away. I would recommend Quinn for people and organizations interested in gaining the skills needed to take their conversations to new levels. I plan to stay in Quinn's orbit since stars like her definitely have a gravitational pull. :)

Brian L.,

LinkedIn Local

Montgomery County, MD

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