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Are you READY to empower your audience of entrepreneurs and business owners to verbalize their value so they can maximize and monetize ALL speaking opportunities for their business or brand? 


Quinn Conyers's authentic approach will empower your entrepreneurial audience to turn conversations into cash so they are clear, concise and compelling every time they open their mouth. 


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As a Keynote Speaker who helps entrepreneurs Command the Crowd, take advantage of opportunities outside their comfort zone and be resilient after rejection, Quinn understands the responsibility of securing the perfect speaker for your event.


Quinn’s been speaking professionally at conferences, colleges, and conventions for over 10 years. Whether it’s a small training, multi-day women’s event, or 1-day workshop,  Motivational Speaker Quinn Conyers is always eager and excited to step on stage and share a significant message with your audience.

Quinn takes pride in making YOU look good as an event planner! She wants to make your job as easy as possible! If you'd like to book Quinn for your next event, please complete the pre-event questionnaire below. Quinn is honored to serve you, and looks forward to speaking with you soon!

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Client Success Stories

Here's What Other Companies and Organizations Are Saying After Working With Quinn!


On behalf of Better Business Bureau serving Greater Maryland, it is nothing but with high praise, and again, a high honor that I recommend Quinn Conyers to serve your organization through her power of influence and delivery.

Angie Barnett, President, CEO

Better Business Bureau

Quinn brings with her a contagious energy that ignites the fire in the trenches of someone’s ambiance. Her passion and commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs is easily seen and felt from her one-on-one consultation to her speaking delivery.

Natalie Williams, Executive Director

The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte


“A friend of mine connected me with Quinn for an upcoming business pitch competition.  I have children’s clothing line and needed help crafting a 3-minute pitch. Within a few minutes, Quinn helped me understand my competitive advantage, re-worked my pitch open and close and told me exactly what to include in my pitch deck to impress investors! As a result, I won first place in the amount of $25,000! Investing in 2 coaching sessions with Quinn was worth every penny!”

Ebony B. 

"Quinn WOWED us at the Fallon Federal Building in downtown Baltimore. Quinn delivered an amazing workshop titled "WOW them with words: How to speak with confidence and connect with your co-workers. From her workshop synopsis: The way people communicate in their place of employment affects every aspect of their job. Whether you are interviewing for a position, working on a team project, or have to facilitate a meeting, speaking and communicating is the #1 skill all government employees must master to be successful. Thanks, Quinn!

Cynthia C.

Executive Director at Baltimore Federal Executive Board

“I am an administrator at West Chester University in PA and I needed help crafting a speech for an upcoming conference. I was unsure what to say in the amount of time but I know I wanted to be memorable. Quinn helped me craft a great message and a great trick to help me remember it without any notecards! She knows her stuff!”

Angela H.

Are you READY to empower your audience of entrepreneurs and business owners to verbalize their value so they can maximize and monetize ALL speaking opportunities for their business or brand?