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As soon as Quinn opens her mouth she commands the attention of the crowd and her infectious energy keeps their attention from start to finish. 
Quinn makes the job of Event Organizers and Conference Planners easy! 
Quinn keeps the timeline tight and sets the expectation for the event to ensure attendees rave and return. 
Quinn reinforces the theme of the event while activating the audience to complete the post-event survey, network and stay connected.
Quinn is intentional about creating an inclusive environment so audience members from diverse backgrounds feel included and appreciated regardless of race, religion, body-type, age, gender or sexual orientation.
Quinn is super easy to work with and attends pre-conference calls and tech checks.
Quinn participates in the script writing process and records pre/post event videos to energize audience members before arrival. 
Quinn is a professional Emcee, not an amatuer and brings 17 years of speaking and hosting experience as an extension of your team. 
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8 Reasons why


LOVE partnering
with Quinn as the


for their
multi-day event, conference or convention:

The event world is crazy busy with multiple moving parts. It's easy for an event to go from calm to chaotic in a matter of seconds.

But what if you had an Event Emcee who could confidently fill in when needed, or effectively bring a crowd to life?
This is where Quinn shines!

Quinn enjoys making conference and convention planners look good!  Her ability to think quickly on her feet, fill in when needed or necessary in the event of a no-show speaker or tech issue makes her a joy to work with.  

Her job is so much more than am Emcee, Moderator, or Mistress of Ceremony.  

She is the glue that holds your event together and ensures your conference or convention is not boring  but mind-blowing for multiple days.



Quinn’s In-Person and Virtual Emcee Event Specialties Include: 

  • Business, Entrepreneur and Start-Up Events 

  • Women in Business Conference and Conventions 

  • Business Pitch Competitions & Demo Days 

  • Awards Shows and Celebrations 

  • Sales Summits & Conferences

  • Franchise Conventions 

  • Multi-day Events, Conferences and Conventions 

  • Fireside Chat Facilitator  

  • Master Moderator for Panel Discussions

  • Cultural Events and Experience that Honor the Excellence of Black & Women of Color 


Satisfied Emcee Clients and Audience Members Include

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Danielle Cobo.png
Detra Miller.png

WARNING! Quinn brings more brightness, energy, joy, magnetism, and gravitas to the stage than you may have ever seen in one place before, and you might not know what to do with yourself. Should I dance? SHOULD I SHOUT? What should I do with all of this incredible delight? Will my face crack from smiling this much? Your face will be fine, you will be happy, and your event will be a success. Quinn is a pro, she is in a category of one, she is a dynamo on the stage, and she is 100% who you should hire to emcee your next event.

Kate O'neill,

CEO of KO Insights

I’ve attended a lot of conferences, and I can say that Quinn is among one of the best Emcees I’ve experienced. As the emcee at the National Speaker Association with over 1,000 people in the audience, she was energetic and engaged the audience throughout the entire 3-day conference. If you’re looking for an emcee, Quinn is it!

Quinn is incredible in her craft as an Emcee. People underestimate the skillset required to successfully engage a crowd for an extended period of time. I've had the pleasure to share space with Quinn on a number of occasions. Most recently, I had a chance to watch her as the Emcee for Baltimore Homecoming. She was simply amazing. From her energy to her style to her grace to her ability to keep everyone engaged and connected was just awesome to watch. I loved watching how she carefully reflected on moments that happened in between her speaking parts to intentionally keep everything for the event connected. She was the perfect person to Emcee that event. If you are in need of an Emcee, I highly recommend Quinn, you will not be disappointed!

Detra Miller,

Regional Manager at M&T Bank 

Danielle Cobo,

Elite Career Coach

Lenora Henry.png
Georgie Ann.png

Quinn served as the Emcee and Host for the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce Power of Women virtual conference. I was blown away with her vibrant energy and enthusiasm as she engaged our seven panelists throughout the two-hour conversation. Prior to our event Quinn worked closely with me and the Women's Leadership Committee by offering feedback and suggestions to make it such a huge success. Throughout the discussion I could see how our attendees were capitivated with Quinn's presence and fun personality. This will be a memorable event and I am so excited to have Quinn Conyers as a Chamber member.

Quinn came highly recommended to me, and I am happy to say she not only lived up to the hype but she blew us away!


It’s been about a week since our event with Quinn as our keynote speaker and the industry is still buzzing about what a great program we put together - total win all around. Quinn was a joy to work with, down to earth, extremely responsive, flexible with the ebbs and flows of event planning, and she did it all while looking fabulous. I had a great feeling on our initial zoom call that she was going to be perfect, but being in-person was on another level creating an engaging, informative, empowering program with the perfect amount of humor. I recommend Quinn hands down for any workshop or program and can’t wait to see her journey as an incredible woman entrepreneur-extraordinaire!

Georgie-Ann Getton

Execution Expert

Quinns hosting skills are EXCEPTIONAL! She engages the audience, has amazing balance and flow, and is just overall a wonderful personality. I had the pleasure of working with Quinn twice this year. First for a client event, the SIS Summit then for my own event the Black Podcasting Awards. Both times Quinn was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better host. If you want energy, engagement, and excitement. Quinn is the person you need to book! 

Lenora Henry,

Executive Director Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce 

Dillin R.,

Director of Event Marketing Ateema Media

Laura Young.png
LaTasha Briscoe.png
Angie Barnett Q.png

Talk about a POWERFUL VOICE! Quinn served us at the 4th Annual Sweatpants and Chill Retreat not only as the emcee but as the host of two dynamic panels. Her flexibility to tie together the topics and encourage attendees engagement was superb. Quinn has this unexplainable magic sauce when it comes to words and teaching those that she comes in contact with how to own their voice. She sees potential and tells you how you can become better with on moments of learning who you are. Out attendees were expecting an average moderator when in reality they were QUINNED! Our team and community look forward to a continued relationship and connection in the near future. 

Quinn was the best emcee/host our event could have possibly had. If you've ever planned a conference, you know all about that secret chaos boiling under the surface at all times. Quinn's easy confidence, quick wit and arresting stage presence (on AND off stage) kept everything looking smooth as glass for all of our attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Our event centers around angel investing and entrepreneurship. This year, it included 3 full days of speakers ranging from VCs to angel investors to CEOs and founders of early-stage startups. We knew Quinn was the perfect choice - she's an entrepreneur herself, has auditioned for Shark Tank numerous times, and has an outstanding practical knowledge of our core subject matter. That industry knowledge was incredibly obvious throughout the event; rather than just introducing speakers and transitioning between segments, Quinn was able to add her own flavor and depth to each part of the event, making it feel truly immersive for everyone involved.

Quinn also happily attended numerous social/networking events where she was never seen without a smile on her face. We had SEVERAL attendees tell us how much they liked her as well. The whole team here at Angels & Entrepreneurs agrees that we couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks Quinn - you added that "something special" to an event that's incredibly important to us, our business, and our subscribers.

Angie Barnett, President, CEO

Better Business Bureau

Quinn's Emcee role was one of the highest-rated attributes of our annual 2018 event. So of course, we asked her to come back in 2019 and we received the same results - high ratings for how Quinn personalized the event, kept it moving with efficiencies without seeming "rushed", and told the story of BBB through the event's awards and program services. She literally is one of the keys to our annual event's success.

On behalf of Better Business Bureau serving Greater Maryland, it is nothing but with high praise, and again, high honor that I recommend Quinn Conyers to serve your organization through her power of influence and delivery. If you need an emcee or speaker for your event, she's the one to choose.

Laura Young,

Director of Content Marketing @ Republic

Omi Bell.png

Black Girl Ventures in partnership with Nike hosted a 2-day watch party for the first tournament-style pitch competition where black and brown founders competed head to head to win funding for their business. We knew we needed an engaging host to keep the event on time and celebrate the achievement of 8 women in business who were selected as finalists. Quinn Conyers did not disappoint. Our audience commented on how Quinn's energy and ability to host a virtual event with multiple moving parts was flawless! She kept the audience engaged and the flow thriving at all times. Her energy was infectious and she did an awesome job incorporating sports analogies into the business world. If you need an interactive, high-energy event emcee, host or moderator Quinn Conyers is the woman for the job! I highly recommend her!

Ruslana M

If you are looking for an event emcee, a host for your pitch competition, or a speaker at your next event - Quinn Conyers should be at the top of your list.


Quinn brought the energy to our Pitch Competition! We hired her as the host and emcee of the Women-Owned Business Pitch Competition at the virtual 2021 Women|Future Conference and it was the best decision we made. As a pitch finalist herself, Quinn knew exactly how to make our finalists feel welcomed, supported, and ready to deliver their best pitch. She kept everyone on track, made the judges and sponsors feel appreciated, and did it all with professionalism and enthusiasm. Quinn is reliable, personable, and so easy to work with - this is actually the second year in a row she has been an invaluable asset to the conference. She elevated our event to the next level, helping alleviate the challenges we as event planners had to overcome during this shift to virtual events.

I’ve attended a lot of conferences, and I can say that Quinn is among one of the best Emcees I’ve experienced. As the emcee at the National Speaker Association with over 1,000 people in the audience, she was energetic and engaged the audience throughout the entire 3-day conference. If you’re looking for an emcee, Quinn is it!

Ruslana M., CEM, MBA,

Event Planner Women | Future Conference

Omi Bell,

Chief Ecosystem Builder @ BGV

Henna Pryor.png

Let's take a second to talk about the absolute ball of light that is Quinn Conyers. I had an opportunity to watch her emcee a massive conference this past week (NSA Influence) and not only is she a talented and energetic speaker who captivates the room, she is incredible at synthesizing information from the sessions, dot connecting, and making everything feel relevant to every attendee... which is no small feat with 1,000 people! If you're looking for an emcee for your next event, I highly recommend Quinn.

Henna Pryor, MSA, PCC

Workplace Performance Expert

Tania B.png

If you are looking for an event emcee, a host for your pitch competition, or a speaker at your next event - Quinn Conyers should be at the top of your list.


Quinn is an incredible speaker and bring TONS of energy and wisdom. I heard her speak during a virtual summit about VIP Days and it changed the way I speak about my offering. It's all about luxury language!! Thank you for being a gift!

Tania Bhattacharyya,

Podcast Host

5 Ways Quinn will transform your event into an

Epic Experience

as an

Energetic Emcee,

using her V.O.I.C.E. Methodology so the

audience raves and returns to your event yearly!


Vibrant & Versatile

Obstacle Overcomer

(In between speakers, fireside chats and panel discussions, Quinn will ensure your audience is NOT checked out but still fully present virtually or in-person.) 

(Quinn has your back and will step in if tech malfunctions or if an unexpected challenge arises, keeping the event on time and audience members relaxed.) 

Intriguing Introductions & Interaction

(Quinn goes beyond the bio to warm the stage for speakers and is intentional about incorporating audience activation activities to ensure they are having a layered learning experience.)

Content Reinforcer

(Quinn is a master at transitioning each part of your event smoothly while reinforcing tips, nuggets and AHA moments from each of your speakers, sponsors or presenters.) 

Energy, Engagement and Excitement

(Quinn’s E-Factor is the #1 reason she is rehired and highly-recommended as an Emcee is because her top priority is to make sure your multi-day event is mind-blowing,  NOT boring from start to finish.)

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Are you ready to 

your event?

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