Women make up to 40% of the workforce but only hold 17% of executive roles. It’s time to unmute the voices of women in business and in the corporate career. 

And people of color or employees who identify with having diverse cultural backgrounds make up 36% of the workforce.

However, leadership roles and career advancement can be challenging because many of these employees don't feel comfortable, confident, or courageous to leverage the voice causing them to get overlooked or worse leave the job altogether for a position that values them even if it's a pay cut. 

The problem is that the glass ceiling needs to be shattered so women and diverse employees no longer feel unseen or unheard, preventing them from speaking up, submitting their resumes for leadership positions, or feeling safe to share their ideas or perspectives in a way that will be invited and not ignored.   As a result, very talented and capable employees leave the company altogether because they don’t feel like a priority in their position or communication boundaries with colleagues or senior management have been breached. 

For many women/diverse entrepreneurs, business concepts die an early death or are never fully birthed because they don’t know how to verbalize their value or don’t have the access to the funding they need to grow their business.

Only 2% of women get the money they need to start or expand their brand. Of that 2%, less than .6% of that money goes to women of color.  


To add insult to injury,  Black and Brown women entrepreneurs are starting businesses faster than their male counterparts but they are also failing the fastest.  Not leaning into their voice as a marketing strategy, lead generation or funding source within their business is the reason why many women fail when they have the experience and expertise to flourish in business. 

How can women and diverse employees leverage and lean into their voice to advance in their career or business?

Amplifying the voices of women and diverse employees in the workplace doesn't have to be difficult.

Let Quinn Conyers show you!

Meet Quinn Conyers

For over 16 years Quinn has served numerous corporations and conferences catering to women in business and women in leadership positions. She is committed to training women how to leverage and lean into their voices so they can be wildly successful in every aspect of their business or corporate career.


Empowering women in the workplace is where Quinn Conyers shines for Human Resource Directors and Event Planners hosting Women in Business Associations and Organizations!

She is an advocate for the advancement of women leaders in the area's business and in their career. Quinn is a master at empowering women with the necessary tools, resources, and transformation needed to excel, leveraging essential communication skills giving them the courage to sit or stand at any business or corporate table with confidence.


As a result, women can have a healthier work/life balance, have the confidence to apply for leadership positions, and ultimately stay employed in a career longer because they feel the contributions they are making to the company are appreciated. 

For Event or Meeting Planners:


Quinn super-serves her clients through virtual and in-person professional development training.  She is also gifted at commanding crowds as a compelling keynote speaker and transformational that results in women in business knowing how to leverage and lean into their voice so they can attract more clients and stop leaving money on the table as soon as they open their mouths. 

Are you ready to amplify the voices of women and diverse employees in your organization?

Learn more about how Quinn can speak, serve, and support your organization.

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Need resources to attract and not repel clients to attend your virtual or in-person event? Check out Quinn's resources for event planners to instantly elevate your event.



Quinn is a master at transforming average events into epic experiences that attendees will never forget. Ready to enhance your event with a professional event emcee and host? Learn more about hiring Quinn to emcee your event.

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Quinn loves making Human Resource professionals shine by taking virtual and in-person training to a whole new dimension.  If you have the role and responsibility of developing the leadership potential of women and people of color through diversity, equity, and inclusion, Quinn is the #1 solution to your problem. 



For over 16 years Quinn has served numerous corporations and conferences catering to women in business and women in leadership positions. Are you ready to book a dynamic and captivationg keynote speaker for your next event? Learn more about booking Quinn as a keynote speaker.