that 71% of event, meeting, and conference planners report having a digital component when in-person events make a full come back. This requires the planning process for your conference or event to be multidimensional and you must quickly decide how you will keep keynote speakers, sponsors, and attendees engaged...


This is also evidence that the world of event and meeting planning is changing rapidly. If your #1 priority is to have an event where sponsors and attendees are committed to returning annually, your event must be planned differently.

Gone are the days where tech challenges are non-existent, keynote speakers content is 100% engaging and serving one audience is the norm. Now more than ever you need a partner in the production process who understands how to transform your average event into an epic experience.

This is what Quinn Conyers is all about and why partnering with an experienced event Emcee is your secret weapon if you want your event to be super successful.

How does Quinn Conyers partner with Event and Conference Planners?

Whether this is your 1st time partnering with a professional Event Emcee or you’ve hired one in the past, now is not the time to leave your multi-day conference, awards celebration, business event, leadership conference, or client appreciation event in the hands of an amateur or worse a member of your staff who has reluctantly agreed to “introduce” each speaker.

Your top goal is to make sure keynote speakers, sponsors, and attendees are not bored but fully present from the start to the culmination of your event.


When individuals are engaged and feel a part of an event, they will become more than just an audience member but an ambassador dedicated to being a cheerleader and champion for your event on and offline.

Partnering with an Expert Emcee like Quinn
Conyers will position you to achieve event success..


Meet Quinn Conyers

Quinn Conyers brings 16 years of professional speaking and Event Emcee experience. She has been the event host and Mistress of Ceremony (MC) for companies such as Nike, Visa, Black Girl Ventures, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Maryland Public Television (MPT), and the Black Speakers Network (BSN) to name a few.

Quinn’s Emcee Methodology included her E-Factor (Energy, Engagement & Excitement) sets her apart from other Masters of Ceremonies (MC) and Event Hosts. Her ability to think quickly on her feet, overcome any obstacles, keep events on time and interact with the audience make her a joy to work with.


Learn more about how Quinn can speak, serve, and support your organization by booking an Emcee Chemistry Call.

Are you ready to amplify the voices of women and diverse employees in your organization?

Learn more about how Quinn can speak, serve, and support your organization.

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Need resources to attract and not repel clients to attend your virtual or in-person event? Check out Quinn's resources for event planners to instantly elevate your event.



Quinn is a master at transforming average events into epic experiences that attendees will never forget. Ready to enhance your event with a professional event emcee and host? Learn more about hiring Quinn to emcee your event.

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Quinn loves making Human Resource professionals shine by taking virtual and in-person training to a whole new dimension.  If you have the role and responsibility of developing the leadership potential of women and people of color through diversity, equity, and inclusion, Quinn is the #1 solution to your problem. 



For over 16 years Quinn has served numerous corporations and conferences catering to women in business and women in leadership positions. Are you ready to book a dynamic and captivationg keynote speaker for your next event? Learn more about booking Quinn as a keynote speaker.