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"Wahooo.... Quinn yes indeed you have the gift to teach, empower and inspire others! I am on fire after this weekends Power at the Podium event you hosted. I haven't been able to sleep thinking about putting together my speaking event. If you want to learn how to create your own speaking opportunities get with Quinn. She's passionate about your success." 

Natascha H, Hardee Life


"I recently booked my 1st Keynote Speaking Assignment. It was not a full paid gig, however I was able to receive 1/3 more of what I usually charge plus I was able to sell my products and services. I am thankful because it was WAY more than I was charging prior to Power at the Podium. 


Power at the Podium has allowed me to become more confident in what I have to offer and see my value as a speaker. I now speak for FEE not FREE!"

Brandi Nicole


Quinn brings with her a contagious energy that ignites the fire in the trenches of someone’s ambiance. Her passion and commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs is easily seen and felt from her one-on-one consultation to her speaking delivery.

Natalie Williams, Executive Director

The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte



On behalf of Better Business Bureau serving Greater Maryland, it is nothing but with high praise, and again, a high honor that I recommend Quinn Conyers to serve your organization through her power of influence and delivery.

Angie Barnett, President, CEO

Better Business Bureau


“A friend of mine connected me with Quinn for an upcoming business pitch competition.  I have children’s clothing line and needed help crafting a 3-minute pitch. Within a few minutes, Quinn helped me understand my competitive advantage, re-worked my pitch open and close and told me exactly what to include in my pitch deck to impress investors! As a result, I won first place in the amount of $25,000! Investing in 2 coaching sessions with Quinn was worth every penny!”

Ebony B. 


“I am an administrator at West Chester University in PA and I needed help crafting a speech for an upcoming conference. I was unsure what to say in the amount of time but I know I wanted to be memorable. Quinn helped me craft a great message and a great trick to help me remember it without any notecards! She knows her stuff!”

Angela H.


Wow! I really just won my very first business pitch competition! I certainly could not have done this without Quinn. First of all, even though I am a speaker and run a speakers network, just the concept of leveraging a business pitch competition to grow my business did not occur to me. I recently attended Quinn's power at the podium event two weeks prior to my pitch and learned critical concepts that integrated into my pitch including, mastering my verbal business card and leveraging the P.O.W.E.R. model for speaking. When I arrived at the conference I was not even planning to pitch but i decided on the spot to do it and thanks to Quinns framework, I was able to put together a winning pitch that secured a $15,000 annual coaching package as well as a trip to Thailand. I am very excited. Thank you Quinn!

Brian Olds


"I was so honored to attend the Women in Business Center of Charlotte's, Women of Prestige, Purpose and Power graduating ceremony! What a joy it was to hear Quinn Conyers' opening remarks where she stressed the importance of knowing and articulating the value of yourself as a business and entrepreneur. 


Quinn, you are such a force! Thank you so much for sharing your gems with us!" 

Nicole C.,

The Social Charlotte


"Quinn WOWED us at the Fallon Federal Building in downtown Baltimore. Quinn delivered an amazing workshop titled "WOW them with words: How to speak with confidence and connect with your co-workers. From her workshop synopsis: The way people communicate in their place of employment affects every aspect of their job. Whether you are interviewing for a position, working on a team project, or have to facilitate a meeting, speaking and communicating is the #1 skill all government employees must master to be successful. Thanks, Quinn!"

Cynthia C.,

Executive Director at Baltimore Federal Executive Board

Quinn Conyers is on point! She gives really easy strategies I can apply to my business! I love her passion and energy. She is a true gift to the world!

Janae Williams 

CEO, Tax & Accounting Services

I have been to several of Quinn's workshops! She delivers EVERY time! I sell shoes and she helped me create a "conversation piece" to attract customers. The tip was priceless!

Damitra Sorden-Viera

CEO, Soles 4 Divas

Clutches & Conversations was FANTASTIC! Your energy was high and I loved the interactions. I especially love how the information you provided was put into practice right at the seminar!

Harriet Gibbs

Harriet Gibbs Inspires, LLC

I am so grateful for Quinn gifts. I have taken ALL her workshops and I love her energy, professionalism, and honesty.

Donata D. Mooring

My experience with Quinn Conyers was nothing short of AMAZING. From the moment I sat in my chair and she began to speak, I was blown away. She is a walking talking billboard and example of what it looks like to “SPEAK FOR PROFIT”. I left there a more confident person and so inspired to grow my business. Attending this session made me realize the key things in my life that were holding me back from truly profiting my public speaking as an entrepreneur. I am counting down the days to return to the next seminar!

Olayinka Credle

Founder and Co-CEO of Melanin Essentials

I absolutely recommend Quinn to anyone who is seeking clarity of purpose for their business. I sought Quinn to set my marketing foundation since the biggest seller of my brand is me. She helped me have confidence in understanding and explaining what I bring to potential clients, and further captured the essence of what I do in a clear, concise and compelling way. A great experience that anyone who is seeking similar insights should invest.

James "Eddie" White

Entrepreneurship can be daunting and full of uncertainties. All too often we entrepreneurs try to do it all on our own. One thing for sure, you don't have to be the best at everything! This is why we have Change Agents like Quinn Conyers! I took Quinn's "Profit From Public Speaking” workshop and it was absolutely worth it! I found it to be relevant and thought provoking. It was also refreshing to hear the information being presented with such integrity and transparency leaving everyone feeling valued and empowered. After, it was clear, attending was one of the best decisions I could have made! No need for you to be left in the dark! Call Quinn Conyers! Let Quinn guide you on your path to greater success and a brighter future. You’ll be glad you did! I sure am!

Barbara D. Tamaklo

Quinn Conyers is the REAL DEAL!! As a Speaker, she has a tremendous way with words but it is her Coaching & Training Style that impresses me most.


I've had the opportunity to work with Quinn on a few occasions, mostly to enhance her presence on LinkedIn. She is Coachable, Teachable and willing to Execute what she learns in Real-Time. These qualities are just a few reasons why I would refer people to work with her.


If you are an entrepreneur who wants to profit from Public Speaking, get with Quinn because she will not only teach you what she knows, she will teach you what she's done and what she's doing.

Robert T. "YB" Youngblood

The LinkedIn Locksmith

If you are looking for a phenomenal Mistress of Ceremony, who can think on their feet, engage the audience, keep the train on the track then look no further, because Quinn Conyers is your lady. Quinn, was our MC for the TEDxCatoctinCircleWomen event and she slayed the audience with her wit, sense of humor, professional demeanor, and can-do attitude. Quinn immediately impressed us all with Wow power. Her post-event surveys results were 5 out of 5, with the following comments, awesome, added value to the event, high energy, and often referred to as the lady with amazing positive high powered attitude. 

Tanja Thompson

Founder and The Breast Cancer Move Foundation

Quinn is an incredible pitch coach! She helped me create a compelling 5-minute pitch for the Warnock Foundation Fellowship. Quinn enhanced my story stelling techniques which allowed me to connect with my audience. Initially, I didn't get selected for the fellowship. However, I used the same pitch a year later and I was selected as a Warnock Fellow! Not only did I use that pitch for the Warnock Foundation Fellowship; I used the same pitch in the Johns Hopkins SIL Semi-Finalist Interview! Quinn was an essential part of my success. I HIGHLY recommend Quinn!

Erica Myers

Director of Alumni Services at Urban Alliance

I asked Quinn to speak on Grow & Get Funded Panel at the The WELL's member meet-up this month. We all enjoyed Quinn's passion and dynamic presence as she discussed the importance of amplifying your voice as a business owner. If you need a speaker on entrepreneurship, sales or funding I recommend Quinn because she approaches the conversation with refreshing authenticity and technical skill that ensures you'll remember her and her words long after she's left the room.

Nakeia Drummond

Org Strategy and Management Consultant

Just WOW! Where do I begin? Let's start here... When Quinn opens her mouth, she COMMANDS the room! You are immediately drawn in to listen to what she has to say. Quinn exudes with confidence in a way that is inspiring, making you say, "I want to speak like her!" She's not over the top. She's just enough. Quinn spoke at The Game Changer Life & Biz LIVE! and this was my first interaction bringing her onboarding to speak to my tribe. She didn't disappoint. SO much energy and great takeaways that will inspire you and push you as you are growing your brand. One of my takeaways was to know how to verbally and BOLDLY tell what I do in my business. Quinn does that well! Thank you Quinn!

Samira Jones

The Gamechanger Life, LLC

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