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Are you ready to learn the necessary skills to Maximize and Monetize ALL speaking opportunities?

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Quinn Conyers TRAINS black women in business how to turn VIRTUAL Conversations into Cash so they can PROFIT from public speaking on and offline! After experiencing Quinn you will TRANSFORM from a public speaker into a power presenter so you can  FINALLY get your audience to take action with you INSTANTLY after you speak. 


Did You know...

that approximately 49% of entrepreneurs become profitable from offering products, services, and coaching programs after they speak and NOT from receiving an upfront speaker fee?

(HINT: That's almost 50%!)

My mission is to educate, empower and coach Entrepreneurs how to use their VOICE in business as a funding source, marketing strategy, and income stream.  I take pride in seeing the clients I serve to enter a room full of strangers and exit with a dozen or more NEW leads. If you desire to master the skill of being clear, concise and compelling every time you open your mouth, then you are in the right place. Profiting from public speaking is completely possible for you,

And I'm here to show you how...


Are you ready to

profit from public speaking?

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Access 20 powerful speaker affirmations to instantly increase your confidence & provide a powerful energy boost, before you step on a physical or virtual stage!

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Download the list of Power words that will give your business or brand message an INSTANT makeover.

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Discover the TOP 4 tips to be a a great speaker virtually or in person! Plus, learn my #1 secret to get people to become your client instantly after you speak!


Word On These Speaker Streets...


"Wahooo.... Quinn yes indeed you have the gift to teach, empower and inspire others! I am on fire after this weekends Power at the Podium event you hosted. I haven't been able to sleep thinking about putting together my speaking event. If you want to learn how to create your own speaking opportunities get with Quinn. She's passionate about your success." 

Natascha H, Hardee Life


"I recently booked my 1st Keynote Speaking Assignment. It was not a full paid gig, however I was able to receive 1/3 more of what I usually charge plus I was able to sell my products and services. I am thankful because it was WAY more than I was charging prior to Power at the Podium. 


Power at the Podium has allowed me to become more confident in what I have to offer and see my value as a speaker. I now speak for FEE not FREE!"

Brandi Nicole

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