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Could you impress investors in 60 seconds or less?


• You're not sure how to talk about your business in a clear, concise and compelling way...

• You want to get better at speaking about your business, but you have no clue how to craft a winning business pitch...

• You want to participate in a pitch competition to fund your business, but you're not sure where to start...

Here's the Truth...


As an entrepreneur, you should be able to confidently summarize what you do so clearly, that investors are instantly ready to invest in your business, and clients are immediately ready to buy your services and packages!

Pitching to fund your business doesn't have to feel complicated.

You can profit from pitching, and I'm here to show you how!

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Hi! Quinn here.

After competing in countless pitch competitions that led to successfully winning over $77,000 to fund my business, I'm excited to present the same strategies to teach you how to profit from pitching!

Let's imagine... what would your business look like if you mastered the art of presenting your business in 60 seconds or less?

More clients. More success. More money. Right?

The only way to master the art of presenting your business is to answer one important question... "WHAT DO YOU DO?"

If you struggle to explain what you do in a sentence or ramble when asked "what do you do", stick around because I'm so excited to teach you how to profit from pitching.


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Pitch Coaching
Pitch Training

Are you READY to start pitching your business for Profit? 

Enroll in the Business Pitch Coaching Course

During the Business Pitch Coaching Course, Quinn Conyers will teach you how to develop and deliver a powerful business pitch that will allow you to INSTANTLY impress investors as soon as you open your mouth!

During your hybrid coaching experience you will Master:

✔  How to INSTANTLY INCREASE your chances of winning business pitch competitions by acing the pitch application! $397 Value 

✔ How to decide what’s NECESSARY to include in your pitch and what to LEAVE out that could hurt your chances of winning! $997 Value

✔ #1 Way to CONFIDENTLY explain and pitch what you do that get investors and judges EXCITED, NOT confused about your business $597 Value

✔ How and where to find PROFITABLE  business pitch competitions giving away up to $250,000 in FUNDING!! $497 Value

✔ How to DEVELOP & DELIVER a clear, concise and compelling business pitch  with confidence. $697 Value


Click the button below to see which Pitch training or Course is right for you:


“A friend of mine connected me with Quinn for an upcoming business pitch competition.  I have children’s clothing line and needed help crafting a 3-minute pitch. Within a few minutes, Quinn helped me understand my competitive advantage, re-worked my pitch open and close and told me exactly what to include in my pitch deck to impress investors! As a result, I won first place in the amount of $25,000! Investing in 2 coaching sessions with Quinn was worth every penny!”

Ebony B. 


Wow! I really just won my very first business pitch competition! I certainly could not have done this without Quinn. First of all, even though I am a speaker and run a speakers network, just the concept of leveraging a business pitch competition to grow my business did not occur to me. I recently attended Quinn's power at the podium event two weeks prior to my pitch and learned critical concepts that integrated into my pitch including, mastering my verbal business card and leveraging the P.O.W.E.R. model for speaking. When I arrived at the conference I was not even planning to pitch but i decided on the spot to do it and thanks to Quinns framework, I was able to put together a winning pitch that secured a $15,000 annual coaching package as well as a trip to Thailand. I am very excited. Thank you Quinn!

Brian Olds

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