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You love motivating, inspiring and empowering people. But let’s be honest, you know you NEED to polish your presentation skills!


"Quinn WOWED us at the Fallon Federal Building in downtown Baltimore. Quinn delivered an amazing workshop titled "WOW them with words: How to speak with confidence and connect with your co-workers. From her workshop synopsis: The way people communicate in their place of employment affects every aspect of their job. Whether you are interviewing for a position, working on a team project, or have to facilitate a meeting, speaking and communicating is the #1 skill all government employees must master to be successful. Thanks, Quinn!"

Cynthia C.,

Executive Director at Baltimore Federal Executive Board


"I was so honored to attend the Women in Business Center of Charlotte's, Women of Prestige, Purpose and Power graduating ceremony! What a joy it was to hear Quinn Conyers' opening remarks where she stressed the importance of knowing and articulating the value of yourself as a business and entrepreneur. 


Quinn, you are such a force! Thank you so much for sharing your gems with us!" 

Nicole C.,

The Social Charlotte


"I recently booked my 1st Keynote Speaking Assignment. It was not a full paid gig, however I was able to receive 1/3 more of what I usually charge plus I was able to sell my products and services. I am thankful because it was WAY more than I was charging prior to Power at the Podium. 


Power at the Podium has allowed me to become more confident in what I have to offer and see my value as a speaker. I now speak for FEE not FREE!"

Brandi Nicole


"Wahooo.... Quinn yes indeed you have the gift to teach, empower and inspire others! I am on fire after this weekends Power at the Podium event you hosted. I haven't been able to sleep thinking about putting together my speaking event. If you want to learn how to create your own speaking opportunities get with Quinn. She's passionate about your success." 

Natascha H, Hardee Life


No one wants to listen to a boring speaker,  entrepreneur or CEO just talk! You want to be clear, concise and compelling EVERY TIME you open your mouth. Matter of fact, AFTER an audience hears you speak you want them to take action with you INSTANTLY. 


You want them to enroll into your coaching program or purchase your products or services. If you are in Corporate America you want to deliver company information in a way that’s exciting and refreshing. 


But right now this is NOT your reality. 


The problem is you struggle with delivering a powerful message with confidence. You are winging it every time you speak.  You are determined to sharpen your speaking skills so you can be a captivating communicator.  


 Or maybe you have done a few workshops but making an offer in front of a bunch of people is scary.  What if no one buys, what if you forget what to say or worse people leave your workshop, keynote or event without buying anything! What a waste of time, money and energy. Not to mention your self esteem takes a hit.


Or what if you career demands that you speak at staff meeting or present your research often. What do you do  if half the audience “checks out” every time you present or is daydreaming because you haven’t captured their attention. 


I know this is frustrating and that’s why I am dedicated to transforming Speakers,  Entrepreneurs and CEO’s into Power Presenters. 


If you are an organization who serves Speakers, Entrepreneurs and CEOs BOOK ME to Speak at your next event. I will show your audience how to use their voice to Profit from Public Speaking or be a Compelling Communicator.

If you are a Speaker or Entrepreneur, JOIN ME at my next event. I will show you how to Turn Conversations into Cash


Quinn's Speaking Reel.

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Keynote Speaker Quinn Conyers has been motivating, inspiring and empowering women and college entrepreneurs for 13 years!

Her ability to connect and engage the crowd the minute she steps on stage is immediately noticed and well-received by meeting and event planners!

Her unique blend of professional and real-life speaking experience make her a compelling and confident communicator!


Quinn Conyers has spoken at various colleges such as University of South Florida, Syracuse, Towson and Tufts University. Additionally she has been a keynote speaker at various Women in Business Conferences like the Heal a woman to Heal a Nation Women’s Event, the Women’s Detour Movement and Women Owned & Managed Enterprise Network (W.O.M.E.N) annual conferences!


Quinn’s unique perspective on the why business fail and flourish is thought provoking! Entrepreneurs and small business owners that experience Quinn’s keynotes or workshops leave with valuable information that can apply to their business right away!

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