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organizational training.

Organizations hire me when they are READY to increase sales in 72 hours or want to surpass their sales goals in half the time. After individuals in sales, marketing or operational positions complete my training,  they will have the confidence to effectively communicate with each other, to attract clients and customers INSTANTLY and surpass sales goals and company objectives by verbalizing the value the organization’s in a way that motivating and inspiring. 


With a clear, concise and compelling sales presentation or offer, sales professionals and leaders in management  leave my training excited, refreshed, motivated and capable to turn conversations into cash. 


What makes Quinn a transformation sales trainer is her tested and proven V.O.I.C.E model coupled with an offline marketing and sales strategy that results in customers and clients ready to take immediate action they hear someone present from your company. 


No need to hire more sales reps or marketing managers. Quinn will transform your CURRENT team into motivated  walking, talking billboards for your organization. 


After being trained by Quinn, your team will experience profitable paydays and surpass there sales goals.

More specifically, organizations hire Quinn to: 

  • Create or enhance their company’s sales pitch or presentation that will take prospects from interested to invested INSTANTLY. 

  •  Rapidly increase the amount of “1 call closes” which result in sales professionals closing clients they same day they meet. 

  • Teach sales professionals and individuals in the operation  how to communicate with each other that motivates everyone on the team to reach sales goals and objectives 

  • Train staff members in leadership positions how to communicate with their team members  using luxury language NOT discount dialect to increase retention.

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