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 Transforming events into


experiences as an


 so audience members
rave and return consistently!

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Ready to transform your multi-day 


event into an

Being an Emcee, Event Host, or Moderator is about keeping an audience engaged, introducing Keynote speakers, and being ready to fill in if something does not go according to plan…

Event Organizers planning or producing multi-day events, conferences or conventions can relax knowing they have partnered with Quinn Conyers, a professional Event Emcee with 17 years of virtual, hybrid and in-person speaking and hosting experience.

Quinn’s #1 priority is to transform  multi-day events into an EPIC experience so audience members rave and commit to returning year after year.

Quinn’s superpower is E-factor which includes energy, engagement and excitement so your event is not boring or bland but mind-blowing  with audience activation activities and  content reinforcement techniques from each of the speakers, fireside chats, or panel discussions.



a master at keeping events on time

can think quickly on her feet

AND can handle on and off-stage pressures that may arise when executing  multi-day events. 

Quinn’s Emcee philosophy is simple yet strategic:
“Create an EPIC event that participants rave about and return to!”

What makes Quinn Conyers quintessential to the success of your event?

Quinn is re-hired consistently, highlighly recommended and doesn't consider herself as the “help” but an extension of the event production team committed to making the job of the event organizer less stressful, easy and fun!

With more than 64,000 events happening every day studies show there is STILL a disconnect with ensuring speakers, sponsors and participants are engaged and not checked out. 

​Here's what makes Quinn Conyers quintessential to the success of your event:

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Virtual Audience Activator

Need an Energetic Emcee to elevate the experience for your next Virtual Event?


Quinn Conyers caters to the needs of your virtual  or in-person audience making her the ultimate insurance policy determining if your multi-day event, conference or convention will fail or flourish.

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Energetic Emcee

It's a tough job navigating this new world of event planning that includes transitioning back to in-person events, going completely virtual or considering a hybrid approach for your next one or multi-day event.

However, if you partner with an experienced, energetic and professional event Emcee like Quinn Conyers, who you can reduce stress knowing you have a proactive plan in place. 

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Emcee with the
“It” Factor

Quinn specializes in Hosting/Emceeing multi-day events in the Business, Sales, Entrepreneur, Start-Up, Pitching and Franchise industries.

If you want your upcoming event to be mind-blowing and not boring, try Quinn Conyers. She can deliver on that promise as an Energetic Emcee and Master Mistress of Ceremony.

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See what organizations and audience members are saying about Quinn the Emcee/Speaker!

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Danielle Cobo,

Elite Career Coach

Quinn is incredible in her craft as an Emcee. People underestimate the skillset required to successfully engage a crowd for an extended period of time. I've had the pleasure to share space with Quinn on a number of occasions. Most recently, I had a chance to watch her as the Emcee for Baltimore Homecoming. She was simply amazing. From her energy to her style to her grace to her ability to keep everyone engaged and connected was just awesome to watch. I loved watching how she carefully reflected on moments that happened in between her speaking parts to intentionally keep everything for the event connected. She was the perfect person to Emcee that event. If you are in need of an Emcee, I highly recommend Quinn, you will not be disappointed!

I’ve attended a lot of conferences, and I can say that Quinn is among one of the best Emcees I’ve experienced. As the emcee at the National Speaker Association with over 1,000 people in the audience, she was energetic and engaged the audience throughout the entire 3-day conference. If you’re looking for an emcee, Quinn is it!

Quinn's Emcee role was one of the highest-rated attributes of our annual 2018 event. So of course, we asked her to come back in 2019 and we received the same results - high ratings for how Quinn personalized the event, kept it moving with efficiencies without seeming "rushed", and told the story of BBB through the event's awards and program services. She literally is one of the keys to our annual event's success.

On behalf of Better Business Bureau serving Greater Maryland, it is nothing but with high praise, and again, high honor that I recommend Quinn Conyers to serve your organization through her power of influence and delivery. If you need an emcee or speaker for your event, she's the one to choose.

Detra Miller,

Regional Manager at M&T Bank

Angie Barnett, President, CEO

Better Business Bureau

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Are you ready to 

your event?

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