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Being an Emcee is MORE than just introducing Keynote speakers...

Event and conference planners can breathe easy knowing Quinn Conyers is
an extension of their production team. Ensuring your next event is not just a
boring or basic meeting but an epic experience for speakers, sponsors and
attendees is her #1 priority. Quinn is a master at keeping events on time,
thinking quickly on her feet, overcoming any unforeseen obstacles, and while leveraging her (E-Factor) which includes high energy, engagement, and excitement.


Did You Know...

more than 64,000 events happen every day which need
professional speakers or an Event Emcee?

While many companies, corporations, and associations have
embraced multiple ways to reach their intended audiences
(virtual, hybrid or in-person) the fact remains there is still a disconnect with ensuring speakers, sponsors, and attendees are engaged and not checked out...

​Here's what makes Quinn Conyers quintessential to the success of your event:

Catering to the needs of your virtual audience can be the #1 reason why an event or training can fail or flourish.


As a conference or meeting planner, your event can go from calm to
chaotic in seconds. However with a professional Event Emcee as your
a trusted partner you can breathe easy that Quinn can think quickly on
her feet and get your event back on track or fill in the case of tech

challenge or keynote speaker no-shows!

It's a tough job navigating this new world of event planning that
includes transitioning back to in-person events, going completely
virtual or considering a hybrid approach for your next one or multi-day


However, if you partner with an expert event Emcee like Quinn
Conyers, who is a professional, you can reduce stress knowing you
have a proactive plan in place. As a result, attendees become more
then audience members but ambassadors of your event and commit
to returning yearly and singing your praises on social media!

Quinn’s energy is her superpower!

If you want your upcoming event to be mind-blowing and not boring, Quinn Conyers can deliver on that promise as an Expert Emcee, Mistress of Ceremony, or Master Moderator.



How Quinn Has Served Other Organizations

Quinn brings with her a contagious energy that ignites the fire in the trenches of someone’s ambiance. Her passion and commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs is easily seen and felt from her one-on-one consultation to her speaking delivery.

Natalie Williams, Executive Director

The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte

Ruslana M

Quinn came highly recommended to me, and I am happy to say she not only lived up to the hype but she blew us away!


It’s been about a week since our event with Quinn as our keynote speaker and the industry is still buzzing about what a great program we put together - total win all around. Quinn was a joy to work with, down to earth, extremely responsive, flexible with the ebbs and flows of event planning, and she did it all while looking fabulous. I had a great feeling on our initial zoom call that she was going to be perfect, but being in-person was on another level creating an engaging, informative, empowering program with the perfect amount of humor. I recommend Quinn hands down for any workshop or program and can’t wait to see her journey as an incredible woman entrepreneur-extraordinaire!

If you are looking for an event emcee, a host for your pitch competition, or a speaker at your next event - Quinn Conyers should be at the top of your list.


Quinn brought the energy to our Pitch Competition! We hired her as the host and emcee of the Women-Owned Business Pitch Competition at the virtual 2021 Women|Future Conference and it was the best decision we made. As a pitch finalist herself, Quinn knew exactly how to make our finalists feel welcomed, supported, and ready to deliver their best pitch. She kept everyone on track, made the judges and sponsors feel appreciated, and did it all with professionalism and enthusiasm. Quinn is reliable, personable, and so easy to work with - this is actually the second year in a row she has been an invaluable asset to the conference. She elevated our event to the next level, helping alleviate the challenges we as event planners had to overcome during this shift to virtual events.

Dillin R.,

Director of Event Marketing Ateema Media

Ruslana M., CEM, MBA,

Event Planner

Women|Future Conference

Other satisfied audiences include


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Quinn is a master at transforming average events into epic experiences that attendees will never forget. Ready to enhance your event with a professional event emcee and host? Learn more about hiring Quinn to emcee your event.

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Need resources to attract and not repel clients to attend your virtual or in-person event? Check out Quinn's resources for event planners to instantly elevate your event.



For over 16 years Quinn has served numerous corporations and conferences catering to women in business and women in leadership positions. Are you ready to book a dynamic and captivating keynote speaker for your next event? Learn more about booking Quinn as a keynote speaker.