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What event producers are saying about Quinn Conyers

"We had the amazing pleasure of having Quinn Conyers as our Master of Ceremony, Event Host... the person who was leading the entire event!
If you're hosting a virtual [or in-person] conference, you want to make sure that you have someone who knows what they're doing and really understands the theme, the cadence, keeps the energy level up, and has the ability to ensure that they can navigate any last-minute issues that can come up. Quinn Conyers [does] all of those things!"

-Brian J. Olds, President of Black Speakers Network


Did You Know...

more than 64,000 events happen every day which need speakers?

Virtual events have become necessary in 2020 as a
response to a global crisis and now the future of the event industry is hybrid!

While many companies, corporations, and associations have
transitioned to online platforms to host their meetings, special
events or training, there is still a disconnect with ensuring virtual audiences are engaged and not checked out as soon as they log on.

​Here's what makes a virtual event or meeting average instead of amazing:

Failure to bring in-person energy to a virtual experience
Lack of interaction and engagement
Tech challenges

Catering to the needs of your virtual audience can be the #1 reason why an event or training can fail or flourish.


An Events planner and HR Professionals' decision to hire professionals in every aspect of the planning process can be the result of an event going from calm to chaotic in seconds.


When individuals are engaged and feel a part of an event, they will become more than just a virtual audience member but an ambassador dedicated to being a cheerleader and champion on and offline. If they are virtually educated, entertained, and enlightened they are willing to stay logged on longer, be fully present with their cameras turned on, and commit to returning to future events without hesitation.


It's a tough job to transition in-person events and training into a virtual experience that attendees, speakers, and sponsors will enjoy and not regret. However, if you partner with the right person who is a professional at transforming average online events into epic virtual experiences, you can reduce stress knowing you have a proactive plan in place if or when something doesn’t go accordingly.

Quinn understands that the event and virtual training world have
multiple moving parts, and with the right Event Emcee (MC),
Moderator or Event Hosts, you can ensure attendees are not bored but fully present from the time the event kicks off until its

Quinn is an expert and engaging Emcee whose energy is her superpower!

If you want an event or training to be mind-blowing and not boring, see how Quinn can make your attendees want to come back for more!



How Quinn Has Served Other Organizations

Quinn brings with her a contagious energy that ignites the fire in the trenches of someone’s ambiance. Her passion and commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurs is easily seen and felt from her one-on-one consultation to her speaking delivery.

Natalie Williams, Executive Director

The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte


"Quinn WOWED us at the Fallon Federal Building in downtown Baltimore. Quinn delivered an amazing workshop titled "WOW them with words: How to speak with confidence and connect with your co-workers. From her workshop synopsis: The way people communicate in their place of employment affects every aspect of their job. Whether you are interviewing for a position, working on a team project, or have to facilitate a meeting, speaking and communicating is the #1 skill all government employees must master to be successful. Thanks, Quinn!"

Cynthia C.,

Executive Director at Baltimore Federal Executive Board


I felt so bound by the parameters of LinkedIn when writing this recommendation. Quinn is a well crafted and gifted woman who has much to lend and share with others. She loaned her gift of Turning Confidence Into Cash to the Women’s Leadership Forum as both a moderator, panel facilitator and presenter. She has the ability to command an audience and speak with authority.

Quinn has the authority to prick the attention of the audience and speak aloud their very intended thought. She speaks aloud what one would only think. Speaking before 500 women at the Women’s Leadership Forum she becomes the voice of the voiceless. Asking probing questions of our keynote and panelist while allowing them to still be in the spotlight. Ahhhh the art and gift of her existence and talent that only few possess.

What can one glean from such talent? Confidence. She presented a seminar on From Cash to Confidence. It resonated with the women as they all sought to learn from her gems of wisdom. She taught as well as explored how to become “that women” who needed to step forward in their quest to make their dreams bigger than just the ordinary.

QUINN your talent was appreciated beyond measure and yes, you too smell like “cocoa butter and chocolate” wrapped in a ray of sunlight for all to see the beauty of your gifts.

Colette C.

Other satisfied audiences include

Colette C.


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Need resources to attract and not repel clients to attend your virtual or in-person event? Check out Quinn's resources for event planners to instantly elevate your event.



Quinn is a master at transforming average events into epic experiences that attendees will never forget. Ready to enhance your event with a professional event emcee and host? Learn more about hiring Quinn to emcee your event.

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Quinn loves making Human Resource professionals shine by taking virtual and in-person training to a whole new dimension.  If you have the role and responsibility of developing the leadership potential of women and people of color through diversity, equity, and inclusion, Quinn is the #1 solution to your problem. 



For over 16 years Quinn has served numerous corporations and conferences catering to women in business and women in leadership positions. Are you ready to book a dynamic and captivationg keynote speaker for your next event? Learn more about booking Quinn as a keynote speaker.