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Hard Disk Monitor software provides you with the important information about your hard disk. It displays all the essential details about your disk such as, the Used, the Free, the Total size and the Version. All the information can be displayed in graphical form with the help of this program. It enables you to perform quick examination of your hard disk. Graphical user interface (GUI) The main window of this software is divided into two different panel viz. the left panel and the right panel. You can switch between the left and right panel by clicking the panel icon located at the top left corner. This is considered to be the main interface of this software. It contains two different icons namely, the menu and the help. By clicking on the menu icon, you can access the programs of the software. By clicking on the help icon, you can access the documents containing important information regarding the software. You can modify the appearance of the main window by using the customize option. Control panel The control panel is where you can perform all the operations in the Hard Disk Monitor. You can view the information in the following tabs: the system information tab, the state of the disk tab, the files tab, the received file list and the received files column. The menu icon located at the top left corner of the main window is used to access all the available programs in the software. The system tab shows the important information about the system. You can view the system information like, computer name, the type of operating system, computer processor, etc. The state of the disk tab shows the data which was written by the previous users on the hard disk. You can view this information in the form of file folders and files. You can even check the size of the files. This tab contains the details about the information written on the hard disk. These may include the total number of files, the free space on the disk and the total size of the disk. The received file tab displays the information regarding the files which were received by the software. You can view the file information like, the number of the received files, the date and time that the file was received and the path from which it was received. The received file list tab displays the list of the files which were received by the software. This feature of the software helps you in checking the list of the files which were received by the software. You can view the file information as mentioned in the previous tab. The received files column shows the messages which were sent by the received file list a5204a7ec7

Hard Disk Monitor is a robust, accurate and easy to use disc space analyzer software application developed for Windows desktop computers. If you want to know how much space is left on your hard drive then Hard Disk Monitor is the ideal tool for you. Hard Disk Monitor lets you monitor the size of each file and the amount of free space in your hard drive in one place. This utility provides an intuitive graphical interface for a quick and easy disc space analysis. Use it to check your hard drive to ensure it is backed up and working at optimal performance. Hard Disk Monitor include a space reporting tab to show you how much space your PC is using at any given time. You can check each file to see how much space they are taking up. You can also restrict the viewing of what is taking up space to any drive letter you choose. Hard Disk Monitor also includes an easy-to-use reporting tab which displays all the useful information about your hard drive. You can produce clean reports in a number of different formats, including page by page reports or excel files. Hard Disk Monitor displays this information visually and lets you track changes over time. Hard Disk Monitor also has an array of new features and improvements including: - full screen reporting - help files and tips - status bar - transfer speed alerts - simplified reporting - feedback report - uninstall - and much more The program is powered by an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, which enables you to create your reports. There is no need to write any code, so even if you know absolutely nothing about programming, you can start creating reports at the click of a button. In addition, reports will be updated in the background as data changes. This avoids the need to run the program each time you want to see the most up-to-date information. Features Overview: - monitor hard disk drive space quickly and easily - display file and folder sizes on each drive - check data transfer rates over time - monitor performance - track changing disc usage - full-featured reporting capabilities - multilingual support This application allows you to find out which of the computer's hard drive is using most of the space, and where. Hard Disk Monitor's reporting tab will generate various reports, allowing you to see which files are growing, which are not, and how quickly you are using up your hard drive. Hard Disk Monitor will also keep you up to date with information such as: the amount of free space, how much data

Hard Disk Monitor Free [Win/Mac]

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