The Age Advantage

When you are young, fear is not a factor! You try different things, date various people, start businesses with little experience and truly live your best life!

But something happens when you turn 30! Reality kicks in and you dream less and fear more. The idea of doing something different or starting that dream business is now met with excuses, fear or worse, neglect.

If you are a woman who desires to start or expand your own business but the fear of being “too old” is the lie you are telling yourself, I’m talking to you!

You are NOT too old to start a business! You shouldn’t wait for the kids go to college, for you to get a divorce or finally find the love of your life to be an entrepreneur.

Your age IS the advantage!

Don’t be intimated by the young folks starting businesses, be inspired and know you too have an advantage!

With age comes experience, life lessons, relationships and confidence to make your business sustainable. Your customers and clients know your value and work because they have known you for years!

Your validation and confirmation should come from your creator. After all, put the desire in your heart and now it's time to execute.

There is no need to jump into entrepreneurship full-time (unless you want to). You can start your business on the side and declare that 2019 is the year your business is birthed!

You got this!


About the Entrepreneur:

Quinn Conyers is a Keynote Speaker that trains entrepreneurs how to boost their business with speaking! More specifically, she trains entrepreneurs how to leverage speaking to fund their business, serve as an income stream and marketing strategy. Subscribe to this blog and follow Quinn on social media @QuinnConyers.