Joy In The Journey

Often times I focus on the final destination instead of the path I’m taking to get there.

I’ve learned over the years it’s not just me!

Many individuals want to be successful so bad they are consumed with it! When met with opposition, you get discouraged, frustrated and want to quit. It's normal but each setback makes it hard to find the joy in the journey.

When going after your dream job, starting your million-dollar business or living the life you created on your vision boards, you must understand obstacles, defeat and loss WILL happen.

Here are 3 ways you can find joy in your journey to success.

1. Surround yourself by others who are also on their journey

They can offer encouragement to stay the course and be your cheerleader when you want to quit.

2. Celebrate the small, medium and big wins

I’m horrible at this! I accomplish something awesome and I’m on to next thing! I don’t give proper attention and acknowledgement to goals met and milestones reached. Write down a few rewards (i.e. dinner, vacation, massage or a cute sweater) as a reward when you get one step closer to your final destination in your journey.

3. Write out your finish-line

Most people want to be successful but haven’t clearly identified what success means to them. Write it down so you know when to celebrate and what you are ultimately working towards. Many of us have already reached great levels of success and seldom acknowledge it. Be specific, clear and document why you want it.

With a New Year approaching, now is the time to start a new journey or identify how you will find joy in your current one. Remember money won’t make you happy! There are plenty of people who have who are “successful” but are still un-happy, not fulfilled or angry! There is peace when you know joy and that’s priceless!

Good luck with your Journey.

About the Entrepreneur:

Quinn Conyers is a Keynote Speaker that trains entrepreneurs how to boos their business with speaking! More specifically she trains entrepreneurs how to leverage speaking to fund their business, serve as an income stream and marketing strategy. Subscribe to this blog and follow Quinn on social media @QuinnConyers.