Stop struggling to sell your product online or onsite at vending events & trade shows!

You work full-time AND have  a business selling amazing products!

You mostly offer your products at vending events. You have a website but no one seems to be buying from you online.

To make matters worse, you seem to have the worst luck at vending events. You are tired of paying your vending fee and NOT making your money back.

You have thought about quitting several time or even selling a “new or different” product.

Does this sound familiar?

Sadly this is the reality of many entrepreneurs who sell products. I know because this was ME! I sometimes traveled 2 or 3 hours, unpacked all my purses and didn’t even earn my vending fee back! I quit my business several times because I was frustrated with no or low sales.

I even paid 3 people to create my website UNTIL I learned to do it myself. Then by trial and error I became a Victorious Vendor. By using simple strategies at vending events and online, I was able to increase by sales in 2014 from $11,280 to over $36,689 in 2015!

Would you like to consistently earn at least $1,000 a month online or onsite at vending events?

If you answered “YES” you are in the right place!

I teach and train entrepreneurs who sell products how to become successful sellers online and onsite at vending events & trade shows!

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